Skip Hire Prices: Don’t Pay Too Much

Whether you’re renovating your house, or simply clearing out junk, hiring a skip is an easy alternative to making multiple trips to the dump and back.

As long as you’re able to fill the skip yourself, the disposal and removal of waste is covered by the skip hire company. This means there’s no need to worry about how you’re going to get rid of that old bathtub or the mound of rubble left over from a recent development.

What can’t I put in a skip?

Skips are pretty universal waste disposal options in that they’ll take most types of waste, including rubble, concrete, garden waste, and cardboard.

However, there are a few specific items you can’t use a skip to get rid of. They are:

  • A/C units (air conditioning)
  • Asbestos
  • Medical/clinical waste such as syringes
  • Electrical equipment and appliances
  • TVs and computer screens
  • Fridges and freezers,
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Batteries
  • Gas canisters/gas bottles
  • Dangerous or noxious materials
  • Oil, petrol, diesel and any other liquids
  • Plasterboard
  • Tyres

Failure to comply with these guidelines will likely result in the skip hire company asking you to remove the prohibited waste from the skip before they start the removal process.

This can also occur if you over-fill your skip. Skips cannot be filled above a defined point. If the skip company arrives to collect your skip and they find it’s overfilled, they may ask you to pay more or request that you dispose the additional waste yourself.

To get a quote from 3-4 local reputable skip hire firms, please fill in the form below. This service is free and there’s no obligation.

How much does it cost to hire a skip?

The price of a skip depends on its size. Skip volume is measured in cubic yards, of which one cubic yard is roughly equivalent to how big two standard tumble dryers are.

The skips you see most often are ‘builders’ skips’, which can have either a volume of six or eight cubic yards. Since the two are often called the same thing, it’s worth checking with your skip hire company to make sure you’re discussing the same ‘builders’ skip’.

Often, people over or underestimate the skip volume they need, which either results in paying for wasted space, or having to make trips to the dump to get rid of excess waste.

Skip hire costs vary depending on size, what you’re getting rid of, and where in the country you are. The following prices are averages.

  • Mini Skip
  • 4 cubic yards, will hold around 40 and 45 household rubbish bags
  • 30m long x 1.30m wide, around a metre high
  • Price: between £90 and £130 for a week’s hire. Higher in London.
  • Medium Skip
  • 8 cubic yards, will hold around 80 and 90 household rubbish bags
  • 66 long x 1.68m wide, around 1.22m high
  • Price: between £200 and £250 for a week’s hire. Up to £275 in London.
  • Large Skip
  • 12 cubic yards, will hold around 125 and 135 household rubbish bags
  • 7m long x 1.78m wide, around 1.68m high
  • Price: between £250 and £340 for a week’s hire. Up to £387 in London, though costs vary widely.

Skip Hire Prices FAQ

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a skip?

Hiring a skip is a great way to get rid of large, bulky waste or rubbish you don’t want to put in your car and take to the dump. They’re cost-effective if you only need them for a week or two and often if you want to extend your hire period, there will only be a small fee of just a few pounds for each additional day.

In the ‘tip versus skip’ debate, it’s worth noting that a lot of the waste disposed of in skips is dirty, sharp, or dusty. Because of this, using a skip is preferable to transporting it to the tip in your car which may become dirty or damaged due to the waste.

However, if you underestimate the size of your skip, you may have to pay for another one, and if you overestimate, you’ll be paying money for what is essentially thin air.

Will I need a parking permit for a skip hire?

Unless your skip is delivered to private land (or a driveway), it will be placed on the roadside – this requires a permit.

You can apply for a skip permit on the government’s website but be aware that the cost will vary depending on your local authority. In Manchester, a permit to hire a skip could cost around £15 on a residential street, whereas a similar street in Glasgow would warrant a price of £51, and Surrey Council may charge as much as £70.

Failure to obtain and display a valid permit will result in a fine so it’s best to plan ahead and include the price of a permit in your skip hire budget.

Are there alternatives to hiring a skip?

You may find that, actually, hiring a skip isn’t necessary to get rid of the waste you need to dispose of. House clearance specialists drive up business by removing ‘junk’ from houses and selling it on – they may even be willing to do this for free, as they’ll be making a profit.

It may be worth looking into local clearance firms, as they tend to remove materials, furniture and other items away, often free of charge.

In conclusion – only hire a skip if you’re sure you need one. Though they make bulky waste disposal far easier, you may save a significant sum by either disposing of the rubbish yourself or enlisting the help of a clearance company. 

Who can I hire a skip from?

The UK is home to hundreds of skip hire companies, and they’re all going to be charging similar prices – but even so, it’s worth comparing a few quotes.

Because the removal of a skip involves a lorry, manpower, and time, the running costs of a skip hire business will be higher than that of a painting and decorating outfit, for example. In fact, a quick internet search for the expression ‘skip hire’ will bring up companies advertising nationwide skip hire services – they often subcontract out to smaller companies to secure as many customers as possible.

Still, you may be able to secure a reduction in price by comparing quotes from local skip hire companies, which you can access by filling in the Tradesmen Prices form at the bottom of this page.

Should my skip hire company be a member of anything (trade body, government registration scheme, etc?)

To avoid hiring a skip from a ‘rouge’ skip hire company, you should check to see that the skip hire company is licensed for their line of business.

You can do this by requesting the number of their waste carrying licence. Once you have it, go to the Environment Agency’s English website, or the Scottish one. On the site that is right for you, check to see if that number is still registered. Searching this should mean you can view the skip hire trading style (what they call themselves) and when their licence runs out. If neither of those appear, don’t use that company.

Tradesmen Prices will only offer you quotes from licensed skip hire companies, so by using the form at the top of this page, you won’t need to worry about their credibility.

You may also want to check they’re properly insured (particularly for public liability). This means you can claim money back from their insurer if they accidentally damage part of your property.

Why should I get skip hire quotes from Tradesmen Prices?

Hiring a skip involves negotiating delivery and removal times, permit applications, size, and hire period. When choosing a company to hire a skip from, you want to make sure they’re the right business to share your custom with.

Are they known for sticking to deadlines and having good customer service? Have you heard reports of them leaving skips in awkward places?

Using the Tradesmen Prices form below, you can apply for 3-4 skip hire quotes from trusted, reliable skip hire companies. We’ve checked their history and credentials, so you can have peace of mind that they’ll remove your waste quickly and dispose of it responsibly.

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