Cost of Patio Doors (In 2018)

Patio doors – a great way to ‘bring the outside in’ and provide an attractive alternative to single doors or windows. They’re typically found at the opening to the garden or patio, hence the name, although in some larger properties they are used as dividers between rooms.

The style, size, and finish you choose will affect the price of your door, so it’s important to consider these factors when deciding the patio door style you want.

Types of Patio Doors

There are several different types of patio door which you can choose from to ensure both security and accessibility, whether they are to be installed as an entrance to a new extension, or within an existing divide between rooms.

French Doors
This style is equally at home as an exterior door or as a partition between rooms in larger homes. They are outward-opening double doors.They are made from UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) – this is a durable building material used primarily for window sills, frames, and the construction of conservatory roofs. Depending on your budget, you can choose (at further cost) to increase the amount of glass in your French doors, reducing the amount of uPVC used.

In terms of security, many French doors pass the stringent PAS024 testing regulations, as they can feature multi-lock systems.

They also offer the option for opening one door at a time, making them a popular choice in adverse weather conditions or in situations where immediate access is the primary function.

Patio Doors (sliding)
This design of this type of door is a striking one, consisting of glass panes sliding along horizontal runners; sometimes in either direction; in order to facilitate access to and from the property.They’re fantastic as a space-saving solution, as unlike French or Bi-Fold doors, they do not open into the outside space. Similarly, they can’t be blown shut, which reduces the risk of accidental injury or unnecessary wear and tear.

Sliding patio doors fit well into wider divides and openings and can be constructed from aluminium for greater sizing options, allowing you to customise the ratio of aluminium to glass.

These days, you may be able to find sliding door options which allow for three or four individual panes on separate runners – this will increase the level of customisability you can apply to your installation.

Sliding patio doors feature multipoint locks with overlapping panels, which is an excellent security feature.

Bi-Folding Doors
As an alternative space saving option, and for wider access spaces, choosing to install bi-fold doors is a great way to open up your home. They open fully but can be a far more expensive choice than other styles of the same width and material/glass ratio.However, these doors offer the most comprehensive way to ‘bring the outside in’, so to speak. They sometimes benefit from an additional, single door which can swing open installed to the side of the main panels, as accessing the home through the main panelled parts is not always feasible.

Cost of Patio Doors
Patio door prices can be confusing to navigate – one company could quote you a fairly reasonable amount, and another may insist their price is better, for what seems very much like the same product. Where, then, do these prices begin to differ?

Well, patio door prices depends on material, design, and dimensions. Of course, you’ll have to factor in installation costs too, as a professional joiner will do the best job of fitting this crucial part of your property’s external façade.

Below are standard asking prices for patio doors, based on standard sizes and off-rack quotes. If you’re having patio doors installed into a bespoke extension, for example, you will find that most ‘standard’ sized door options won’t fit the opening you’ll be working with.

Type of Patio Door Basic Starting Price
French £385+
Sliding £455+
Bi-Fold £900+

Remember that if you’re paying for someone else to install your patio doors, you’ll need to consider how much their labour costs per day. In the following examples, you can assume the tradesman’s rate is £150 per day, and his labourer is £100 per day.

You have a standard sized opening, with 1.2m x 2.1m patio doors, and…

…you want to take out tired, worn-out French doors and install new uPVC French doors

Labour (1½ days) x 2 tradesmen £375
Materials £425
Accessories £100
Grand total £900

…you want to remove a window and put UPVC French Doors in it place

Labour (3 days) x 2 tradesmen £750
Materials £425
Accessories £300
Grand total £1,475

…you want a brand new divide or opening and you want to install new French Doors (uPVC) (or enlarge an existing opening significantly to do the same)

Labour (4 days) x 2 tradesmen £1,000
Materials £425
Accessories £500
Grand total £1,925

In addition to these estimates, you may wish to consider the following options:

  • Glazed wooden French doors that have glazing and a wooden frame – extra £325 to costs
  • Georgian doors will add an additional £575
  • If you need to consult a structural engineer, this will cost around £100
  • If you’re modifying an existing opening, or creating a new one, you’ll need to look into the price of a lintel that is load-bearing.

Cost of Patio Doors FAQ 

Why would someone want patio doors?

Patio doors are a fantastic way to make previously ‘boxy’ living areas feel fresh and open, by providing a set of doors made predominantly from glass.

If you’re building a conservatory or extension, you may want to consider two sets of patio doors – many properties use wooden French doors to provide a barrier between their main home and the extension, where in turn a set of patio doors open onto the garden.

What are the disadvantages of fitting patio doors? Are there alternatives to having them installed?

If your property doesn’t feature a particularly winsome garden, the installation of patio doors can mean you’re left looking out onto a less-than-attractive panoramic. In this case, you may wish to simply install a single door, combined with a window or two.

Additionally, the prices of patio doors can vary greatly – you need to keep an eye on the budget, as some builders may try to persuade you to go for bi-fold over sliding doors, for example. Though a professional opinion should certainly be considered – at the very least on a cost level – ultimately, it’s your choice.

What are the main benefits of patio doors?

Patio doors provide you with a full view of your garden or patio and can give older rooms a refreshing new look.

Depending on which style you choose, you may be able to customise the ratio of framing material to glass, which can result in some highly bespoke designs.

Patio doors are fantastic for hosting events, too – no longer must your guests shuffle awkwardly at the single door leading out of the kitchen or utility room. Instead, patio doors will allow you to extend your event space into the garden, whilst making access to the house simple and easy.

Will I need planning permission to install patio doors?

Installing patio doors will usually fall under the Permitted Development directive, meaning you won’t need to apply for planning permission to have them fitted.

However, new doors must follow the Building Regulations, listed under the “controlled fitting” category.

There are five areas which must be covered when installing new patio doors.

Thermal Heat Loss
Patio doors must adhere to the U-Value rules attributed to them by the government’s planning regulations scheme. You can find specific values for the type of work you’re planning here.

Safety Glazing
In addition to meeting thermal insulation regulations, patio door glass must feature safety glazing. See Diagram 5.1 in this document for more information.

All rooms must be ventilated sufficiently in order to allow for optimum airflow. If your patio doors open onto a garden, ventilation systems such as “trickle filters” may suffice.

Fire Safety
If your patio doors are close to the boundary between your property and your neighbours, pay careful attention to the fire-resistance qualities they offer.In terms of providing a means of escape, patio doors should always meet the criteria. However, if they’re paired with a window, the cill height should be no more than 1.1m above the floor. It’s a legal requirement that you should have at least one escape window in each room of your property.

Access to buildings
If your home was built after 1999, you must make sure to keep the threshold level if the work you’re carrying out is in effect exchanging doors to the property’s main entrance. Failing to do so will mean the work being undertaken won’t pass Building Regs requirements.

Should my patio door installer be a member of anything (trade body, government registration scheme, etc?) What sort of questions should I be asking them?

Whoever carries out the installation of your patio doors should be part of a Competent Persons Scheme.

There are several different accreditation boards, though the most common are FENSA and CERTASS. If your installer isn’t certified or registered, you will incur a £200 charge made payable to your local building control in order to certify the completed work.

Make sure to ask your installer how long they think the work will take – joiners charge labour by the day.

How long does it take to install patio doors?

Depending on the job at hand, you will find the time it takes to install your new patio doors will differ. Here are a few examples:

Job Timescale
Replace old French doors with a new UPVC pair 1.5 days, two workers
Convert a window to fit new UPVC French Doors 3 days, two workers
Create a new opening, and fit new UPVC French Doors (or enlarge an existing opening significantly to do the same) 4 days, two workers

Why should I get patio door installation quotes from Tradesmen Prices?

Because the price of patio doors can vary greatly, and the cost of labour even more so, it’s wise to shop around before you decided to commit financially.

Using the Tradesmen Prices form below, you can access 3-4 quotes from pre-checked tradespeople and contractors who will be able to source and install new patio doors in your home.

Use the quotes you receive to compare against each other, and you may find one of your options may lower their prices in order to secure your custom.

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