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Purchasing a new bathroom suite is a big decision for any homeowner. Not only will you need to think about the bath, shower, toilet, sink and any other fixtures you’re wanting, but also the rest of the room and the price of hiring someone to carry out the work.

Where, in other rooms, you can simply paint the walls and fill in the furniture later, replacing a tub could mean you need to retile the entire room again.

How much to fit a bathroom?

Often when choosing to have a bathroom fitted, it can be easy to focus on just the cost of the units and any accessories you’re thinking of adding.

But, the cost of materials is only part of the story. When working out how much it will cost you to have your bathroom fitted, you’ll need to remember the wages of the tradesmen working on your job, as well as the fee for taking away your old installation.

So what is the average cost of a new bathroom?

Job description Materials cost Labour cost Completion time
Remove old bathroom suite and tiles £0 £200 4-5 hours
Prepare walls, floors and ceilings £100 £100 2-4 hours
Install toilet, sink, and bath (inc taps) £400 £600 2-3 days
Install toilet, sink, and shower (inc taps) £600 £600 2-3 days
Install toilet, sink, shower and bath (inc taps) £800 £650 2-3 days
Tile wall and floors £500 £400 1-2 days
Install mirror, light and radiator £200 £100 3-4 hours
Install extractor fan £100 £200 4-8 hours
Install electric underfloor heating £1,125 £375 1-2 days

The individual jobs and costs of fitting a bathroom are as follows:

If you were to hire a specialist to replace your entire bathroom suit – including prep work, wall and floor tiling, and installing a mirror, new light and a heated hand rail – you would be looking at an average cost of around £3,500.

Of this cost, £1,575 would go towards the materials in your new bathroom; making up 45% of the total. Half of the amount you pay for you bathroom installation would be used to pay the time and labour of the tradesmen. The remaining 5% would then cover the waste removal of your old bathroom suite.

On top of these amounts, however, many larger companies will also add a premium onto their prices. This is simply to cover their higher running costs, such as television advertising, showrooms and sales representatives’ commissions.

For this reason, you may find it cheaper to go to a smaller, local bathroom installer. These small companies generally have much lower running and advertising costs, which means they can pass their savings on to you.

Depending on who you choose for your installation, and the style of bathroom you’re looking for, prices can range from around £2,000 to as much as £10,000 or higher.

Choosing a DIY job or a professional bathroom installation

When it comes to any kind of home renovation, many homeowners find themselves mulling around the same question: Do It Yourself, or call in a professional?

After all, many people find home DIY projects to be very enjoyable and they feel extremely rewarded when the work is completed successfully.

The cost of fitting a bathroom yourself may be lower because you won’t need to pay for using your own time and labour. But you may still need to pay out for certain technical parts of the job that you’re unable to do yourself and, although these tasks may only be small, the cost of these odd jobs and callout charges can quickly mount up.

In addition, if you are inexperienced, installing your own bathroom yourself can take much longer than it would for a professional. That means you could go days or even a week without anyone being able to access the bathroom until the job is complete.

Unless you are a skilled plumber, electrician, tiler, and painter all rolled into one, ensuring every part of your new bathroom is installed correctly and to a high quality can be a real challenge.

Although the total bathroom installation cost may be easier to control when carrying out the work yourself, as you can choose where to purchase individual items, having imperfect aspects corrected post-installation can be extremely expensive.

If you choose to have your bathroom installed by a professional, you’ll benefit from having:

  • All materials and labour rolled into one bathroom fitting cost; with no need for individual call out charges for small jobs,
  • A single point of contact managing and coordinating the different tradesmen needed to fit out your bathroom completely, and
  • The peace of mind knowing your installation is being carried out by reputable, qualified expert.

How much does a new bathroom cost?

Your new bathroom involves a lot more than just buying a bath. There are a significant number of different jobs that make up a bathroom installation which may require different types of tradesmen to complete.

Remember to take into account all of the following tasks when putting in a bathroom, including:

Electrical work

Replacing your old bathroom isn’t always just about appearance. A complete bathroom refurbishment could also mean you have the perfect opportunity to update your electricals.

Now could be the right time to switch to a more modern looking energy saving LED, or install any number of new and convenient extras, such as a hair dryer, extractor fan, shaving socket or even a power shower.

Wall tiling

 Tiling walls is seen to many people as more of an art than a trade. It requires expertise and a skilled hand to be properly executed. Also, rectifying tiling mistakes once set can be extremely difficult and expensive, so it is essential that you get it right first time.

Depending on the size of your bathroom and the type of tiles you want, this bathroom renovation cost can vary greatly.


 A very large chunk of your total bathroom installation cost will go towards the plumbing. All new taps, toilets, sinks, baths and showers need to be properly plumbed in in order for your bathroom to function.

The cost of plumbing can vary depending on whether you’re just looking to replace the current fixtures or if you’re wanting a completely new layout.

Bathroom suite 

You may already have your dream bathroom in mind – perhaps have chosen your suite but just need someone to install it, or you have no idea how you would like your bathroom to look.

Either way, finding the right installer who can help you create the perfect bathroom for you is absolutely vital. Even a luxury, top-of-the-range suite can be made to look cheap and tacky if not professionally installed.

Waste and removal

 Although often forgotten by DIYers, waste removal after a new bathroom installation is something you need to consider. Once taken out, your old suite will need to be disposed of properly.

This can be extremely difficult if you’re carrying out the job yourself as most car boots would struggle to fit an entire bath tub. Using a professional bathroom installer, they will be able to take the old suite away with them after your new bathroom is fitted and dispose of it for you.

Hiring a skip for your bathroom installation is also a popular alternative.

The amount you pay for each of these aspects can vary depending on a wide variety of aspects, such as the size of your bathroom, where in the country you live, and who you hire to do them.

Finding a single company who can carry out all of these parts of your bathroom installation will save you valuable searching time and money. To see quotes from local bathroom installers near you, simply fill in the form below.

New bathroom frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

Why would someone want a new bathroom fitted?

Even if your current bathroom suite is still functioning, you may still be considering a brand-new installation.

Over time, bath tubs and other furnishings in your bathroom can become discoloured. And, if sealants around your bath, shower or sink become worn, it can lead to leaks and mould forming.

A new bathroom is also a major investment in your home as modern installations can last for decades and increase the market value of your home.

It also provides the perfect opportunity to not only update your current fixtures but also add new benefits to your bathroom, such as underfloor heating, shaving sockets or an extractor fan. 

How long will my bathroom refurbishment take?

Unfortunately, there is no exact timescale for fitting a new bathroom. That’s because the length of time your installation takes all depends on the complexity of the job and the condition of your bathroom at the beginning of the project.

If lights need rewiring or whole walls of tiles need to be removed before any plumbing can be put in, this will extend installation time a lot.

As a rough guide however, an average sized family bathroom can take as many as seven working days to complete; including a complete strip out and waste removal, preparation work, tiling, flooring and suite installation.

Make sure you ask for an estimated time scale for your bathroom fitting when searching for quotes. 

My bathroom is very small / an unusual shape. Will I still be able to have a new suite installed?

Yes. The majority of bathroom installers will first assess your bathroom to see what is and is not possible, and to help you decide which product may be the most suitable for your home.

They may even be able to replace an old bath with a modern shower unit to save extra space.

 Will I need planning permission for a new bathroom installation?

Generally, planning consent is not required for a new bathroom unless it will be part of a house extension.

However, if you live in a listed building, you will need to contact your local planning authority beforehand. 

Should my installer be a member of anything (trade body, government registration scheme, etc?)

Depending on who you choose for your bathroom installation, there may be a single contractor carrying out your work or the business may hire subcontractors to carry out the plumbing, tiling, and electrical work respectively.

Regardless, if you are concerned about finding a reputable local bathroom installer who will complete your installation to the highest standard, look out for signs of trade body accreditation on their company websites, such as:

Before I get my new bathroom fitted, what should I ask a potential installer?

When looking around for quotes for your new bathroom, make sure you ask all potential installer how much of the work they will be able to carry out themselves, and what parts of the work they may lend out to contractors.

It is also possible that you may need to find separate tradesmen for certain parts of the job yourself; such as a plasterer to prepare the walls for tiling if your chosen installer cannot do this themselves.

Be sure to check exactly what is included in the quote you’re given, so you won’t have any hidden costs or added fees following completion.

It is always best practice to get a variety of quotes from different bathroom installers before settling on one. Where some may have higher prices, they may be able to carry out all aspects of your installation without needing the help of subcontractors – saving you money in the long run.

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