Fitted Wardrobes Cost (For 2018)

You’ve decided you want a fitted wardrobe but you’re looking for an indication of fitted wardrobe prices.

The price you pay will depend on the fitted wardrobe solution you choose. So what types of fitted wardrobes are there? Let’s look at four examples:

  • Stylish, contemporary sliding doors fitted wardrobe with mirrors to make your room feel bigger. If it has three sections, it will cost £2,800 to £3,600 to have this installed although that may vary on room size and chosen finishes
  • Handcrafted, bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobe – £2,500 to £2,850 for a less detailed design with the price rising for more ornate features like columns and mouldings
  • Large bedroom 3m 80cm three section six door – including finishes on both the inside and the outside with drawers and hanging space for your clothes. Around £4,800 or more.
  • Simple two section closet – depending on finish, around £3,200 upwards.

Fitted wardrobe prices

How much do fitted wardrobes cost? The average price of fitted wardrobes varies – there are cheap fitted wardrobes, mid-range fitted wardrobes, and high-end expensive wardrobes. What you chose depends on your budget, how much fitted wardrobe space you want, and the aesthetic finish of your fitted wardrobe.

The average price of fitted wardrobes is hard to estimate because everyone has their own idea about what they want. You can devise your own fitted wardrobe price calculator by using the following price ranges to mix and match until the final amount is within your fitted wardrobe cost budget.

For budget fitted wardrobes fitted against a straight wall which have a standard shape, you’ll pay between £700 and £800 per lineal metre.

Mid-range fitted wardrobes offer much better quality in terms of looks and finish. For mid-range fitted wardrobes, you’ll need to budget (per lineal metre) around £1,500.

If you want something that is truly bespoke to you – real designer wardrobes that are a one-off – you’re looking at, per lineal metre, about twice the cost of mid-range wardrobes – £3,000. This factors in the cost of the designer’s time, the time and materials needed to build your custom fitted wardrobe, and your installer’s time (particularly if the installation is made more complex by non-standard room shapes).

Cost of built in wardrobes UK

From the figures above, you’ll have a great idea of what most built in wardrobes price lists will look like at different fitted wardrobe suppliers.

To get your own figures though, please fill in the form at the top of the page to get 3-4 quotes from experienced and professional fitted wardrobe installers local to you. There’s no cost to the service and you’re under no obligation to buy anything.


Installing fitted wardrobes into your home is something that many people would love to do. You’ve only got to think about the advantages that they bring in terms of both looks and space.

Your room might have a particular shape and, try as you might, you’ve never been able to find a standalone fitted wardrobe to make the most of the space or alcove in your room. Your family is growing or you just need more space to store your clothes, your shoes, and everything else but you have not spotted the perfect solution at Ikea or other leading furniture retailers.

What you have at the moment just isn’t doing it for you or your family – not to mention the difficulty of cleaning dust from the top and the sides of your standalone wardrobe.

Many people are put off by what they imagine the cost of the materials needed for a fitted wardrobe (especially the mirror part) and the labour costs of actually installing it.

On this page, we’ll look at the range of fitted wardrobe options open to you, what prices you can expect to pay for fitted wardrobe installation, and how to get the best price for your fitted wardrobe.

By filling in the form below, you can get 3-4 free quotes (with no obligation) from experienced and trusted local installers of fitted wardrobes. Our service is free – you never pay us a penny.

Fitted wardrobe cost FAQ

Why would someone want a fitted wardrobe?

To improve the look of their home and to squeeze extra valuable storage space.

Britain’s houses and flats are among the smallest in the world in terms of square footage and the highest in terms of price.

Because you’ve worked so hard to get a foot on the property ladder, it makes sense to invest in your own personal home space so that you can make the most out of it. With a fitted wardrobe, your room feel biggers, you get the pleasure of floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and a nice, neat, handy space to store you and your family’s clothes, shoes, jewellery, and more.

What are the advantages of fitted wardrobes?

Fitted wardrobes offer lots of different advantages for homeowners. As we mentioned earlier, a stand-alone wardrobe never really makes use of all the space around it – that’s extra storage space that you and your family are benefitting from.

Fitted wardrobes take up every inch of space available. They reach from the floor to the ceiling and are installed up tightly against your walls. If your home has rooms that are irregular in shape or size, it’s impossible to find a stand-alone wardrobe that offers the looks and space-creating qualities of a fitted wardrobe – fitted wardrobes even work with sloping ceilings.

There are no one-size-fits-all or one-style-suits-all restrictions either. They’re built according to the style you agree with your installer – they meet both your practical and aesthetic requirements.

They offer the extra benefit of sliding to opening rather than opening outwards – that means more room when you’re selecting your clothes, shoes, and jewellery to wear. The floor-to-ceiling mirror also means that you can see exactly how you look and you can mix and match what you’re wearing to the best possible effect.

The styling can even extend to the lighting options available for your fitted wardrobe – you can make a real feature and talking point with uplighters and downlighters both inside and outside your fitted wardrobe.

What are the disadvantages of fitted wardrobes?

Your fitted wardrobes will be a fixture in your home and therefore it will be more difficult and costly to get rid of them should you decide that you do not want them anymore.

If you do decide to remove a fitted wardrobe, you will likely need to perform some painting and decorating to cover up the fact that there had previously been a built-in wardrobe in your room.

Do fitted wardrobes need planning permission?

Generally not. However, if you live in a listed building, you should speak to your Local Authority before doing anything.

Who sells and installs fitted wardrobes?

There are thousands of companies in the UK which will either sell you the materials for your fitted wardrobe, install your fitted wardrobe, or do both. It can be difficult sometimes for homeowners to choose the right company for them.

There are big, high-street installers and independent, regionally based installers. There’s a big difference between what you pay for your fitted wardrobe when you’re paying Sharps Bedrooms prices and what you pay for a trusted, local installer whose sole office premises are based close to your home.

Your big chain installers will offer great quality and service but often at a much higher price. Why? Purely because they have so many offices, staff, installers, sales staff, fixtures, fittings, and stock costs to meet. Smaller installers tend to buy for jobs only when needed meaning that they have much more freedom to price because their money isn’t tied up in a dozen different things to do with running the business.

If you want to get 3-4 quotes from a local installer whose reputation is well-earned and who has experience supplying fitted wardrobes to customers’ exact specifications, please fill in the form at the top of the page. The service is free and there’s no obligation to buy.

Should the company who fits my wardrobe belong to any professional trade organisation or have certain qualifications?

There is currently no trade body specifically for fitted wardrobe installers. However, a good place to start for a company with credible trade references is to look for members of the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom Installers (BiKBBI).

BiKBBI is an organisation sanctioned by the Government. It’s not for profit and its mission statement is to improve standards in the industry by working with installers, retailers, and manufacturers. They deal direct with the public too offering advice and information so that those thinking about installing fitted wardrobes can make an empowered choice based on knowledge.

Members are police checked, fully insured, follow the institute’s code of conduct, and are there to mediate in case of a disagreement between an installer and a homeowner.

How long does it take to install a fitted wardrobe?

Most fitted wardrobes can be installed within one day – some may be fitted in as little as two to three hours.

The room in which you’re having your fitted wardrobes installed will be unusable during the time that your installers are there. There will be minimal disruption to your home although your fitted wardrobe installers will need access via your front door, in your hallway, on your stairs, and on your landing during the time that they are there.

What questions should I ask a fitted wardrobe installer?

Installing fitted wardrobes into your home is a major investment and it’s important that you feel comfortable with the company doing the work.

Once you have a budget in mind, ask your potential installer the following questions:

  • How many doors will my fitted wardrobe have?
  • “I’d like the doors to look this way. What can I get for my budget?”
  • How long do you think it will take to install?
  • Once you’ve installed it, will your tradesmen clean up behind you?
  • Do you have public liability insurance?
  • How many years do you think I will get out of it before it needs maintenance?
  • How quickly can you come out if the sliding doors comes out of the rail and I can’t get it back in?

Why should I get a fitted wardrobe quote from

With more choice out there than ever before about the styles on offer with fitted wardrobes and the number of qualified tradesmen who can install them in your home, choosing who to go with can be a difficult decision for any homeowner.

You want to make sure that you get exactly the fitted wardrobe you want, that it will last a long time, and that you’re not overpaying.

The best way to get the right price for the right fitted wardrobe installation is to set tradesmen in competition with each other. Having 3-4 quotes will do just that.

At the top of this page, please find a form you can fill in to get 3-4 quotes for trusted, reputable local tradesmen skilled in fitted wardrobe installation. There’s no charge for this service and you’re under no obligation to buy anything from anyone.

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