What is The Cost of Triple Glazing?

As with the majority of home improvements, triple glazing prices and quality will vary depending on who you go to.

For example, you may already have a national window supplier in mind based on their TV presence. However, is very likely the cost of your installation will be much higher in order to cover the costs advertising such as this as well as paying the high commissions commanded by their sales reps and the other costs they pay running their branch network and head office.

On the other hand, a smaller local installer may not be as well known, but they will also have much lower running and marketing costs to cover themselves. That means they will likely be able to offer a cheaper triple glazed windows price too.

Since the actual figure can vary from supplier to supplier, what does an average triple glazed windows price list look like?

Type of property Number of bedrooms Number of windows Average cost
Flat 2 4 £1,940
Terraced house 2 5 £2,425
Semi-detached house 2 7 £3,395
Semi-detached house 3 9 £4,365
Detached house 3 12 £5,820
Detached house 4 15 £7,275

These prices will also depend on the size of the window in question, which is why some suppliers offer their price lists as a triple glazing cost per square metre. Triple glazing will typically cost around £400 to £500 per square meter.

Some websites may offer an online triple glazing cost calculator, however the only real way to get an accurate idea of the price for triple glazed windows in your area is by gathering comparing quotes from local suppliers.

Tradesmen Prices takes the hard work out of screening suitable tradesmen and collecting quotes from each. All you need to do is fill in your details above and we’ll get to work matching you up with local triple glazing installers that will best suit your needs.

Double glazing has become an extremely common feature in British homes over the last few decades with many still making the switch from their traditional single panes. At the same time, the trend of triple glazed windows has also been gaining popularity in recent years.

Triple glazing is, of course, essentially the same thing as double glazing with an additional panel of glass. However, what this means is that there are two air gaps in the glass per window – doubling its insulating capabilities.

These gaps are then filled with argon gas, which is much denser than air, providing even more insultation against cold and noise.

Energy efficient homes are not only modern but they also help you save money by cutting down your energy bills. Triple glazing can be up to twice as energy efficient than double glazing, it is less prone to condensation and noise pollution, and it is also tougher and more secure too.

You can compare prices from a huge range of reputable triple glazing specialists in your area with Tradesmen Prices. Simply fill in the form below, and we’ll put you in touch with local experts who can help.

Whether you already have an installer in mind and want to find triple glazed windows for sale, you have the windows but no installer, or you’re looking for the whole package, we’ll help you find the right supplier for you.

Types of triple glazing

There are a lot of different types of triple glazed windows, usually depending on where in the world you live. In the UK, there are three common types:

  • Triple glazed windows using traditional spacers in each glazing gap,
  • Glass panel in the centre of the window with an interior U-type channel to seal between both the inner and exterior panels,
  • Triple glazing with a suspended attached film. The film can be heated or tightened to provide greater clarity in the glass.

How effective are triple glazed windows?

Every window made is given an energy efficiency rating, and part of the calculation for this involves working out its ‘U’ value. The U value of a window is a measurement in how capable it is of transferring heat and this is not an area you want your windows to score highly on.

The figure shows how easily heat will be able to pass through you window panels including the warmth inside your home. So, the lower the U value of the glass, the more effective it will be as an insulator.

An old-fashioned single glazed window almost always has a U values of 5 or more, whilst a newly fitted double glazed window will sit at a U value of around no more than 1.6. However, many brand-new triple glazed windows have been found to have U values of 0.8 or lower.

That makes them one of the most effective insulators on the market.

When the rest of your home is well insulated, i.e. the roof, walls and floor, having windows that are only single or double glazed will result in cold spots appearing around them at night; resulting in condensation and draughts.

Triple glazed windows, on the other hand, compliment your other energy efficient home improvements by ensuring there are no weak spots.

However, because of their increased insulation, triple glazing windows cost more than their single and double counterparts. Whether or not you choose to go for triple glazing all depends on what it is you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend.

Triple glazing frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

Why would someone want triple glazed windows?

There comes a time when any window will need replacing even if it was top of the range when purchased. The average lifespan of a window is around 25 years and toward the end of this time they can begin to go downhill.

Exposed to the elements for so long, window frames of any material or style can begin to look worn and discoloured. It’s also likely that they will start to become ineffective too with drafts and condensation being extremely common in old single – and even double – glazed windows.

Rather than replace their old, inefficient windows with a like-for-like replacement, many homeowners choose to take this opportunity to upgrade to the latest model. In recent years, triple glazing has become an increasingly popular choice.

Triple glazed windows are extremely effective in balancing room temperatures and generally making a home more comfortable.

As you know, triple glazed windows use three panes of glass with insulating air spaces in between each one. This makes them even more effective than the more common double glazing in trapping warmth inside your home and keeping cold air and noise at bay.

Noise reduction is a commonly forgotten benefit of insulation. Typical single glazed windows are made up of just very thin glass membranes which allow noise to pass through them easily.

Double and triple glazed windows instead have air pockets and additional layers of glass to absorb the sound, meaning you can enjoy peace and quiet in your own home.

Those looking to sell their home may be considering upgrading to double glazing in order to add value to the property. Whilst this would likely have that effect, with double glazed windows now being commonplace, triple glazed windows may push the value of your home even higher. 

What are the disadvantages of triple glazing?

Triple glazing windows cost more up front than many other window options. However, because of their almost double energy saving capabilities, many consider them to be more of a long term investment.

But, triple glazing can cause design issues for your window. For example, in replacement windows, the extra weight of the glass can prove too heavy for weaker sash materials or cause width and opening limitations in casement windows.

This extra weight can also potentially cause window hinges to bend over time and it will add to your installation labour costs.

If your home does not already have wall and roof insulation, the savings you can make with triple glazed windows may be limited. And, during the warmer months, much less natural solar heat will be able to enter your home, so you may end up needing to turn on the heat.

Are there alternatives to triple glazing?

Of course, double glazing is still an option. Whilst triple glazing is recommended for colder areas, those in more moderate climates may be able to get by on double glazing alone.

It really depends on personal preference and the amount you are willing to spend on your new windows. If you are unsure, it may be worth collecting quotes from local tradesmen for both double and triple glazed windows.

Simply fill in the form above, and we will help you find quotes from reputable window installers near you. 

Will I need planning permission for triple glazed windows?

As a general rule, you do not tend to need planning permission for any minor changes to your house. And, despite the huge impact new windows can have on the appearance and efficiency of your home, they are actually considered a minor renovation.

However, you will need to apply for planning permission before you make changes to the windows in either:

  • A flat
  • A listed building
  • A home in a conservation area
  • A house under an Article 4 Directive

If your property falls under any of these categories or if you are unsure as to whether or not you need consent before you have triple glazing, you can seek advice from your local council or planning department.

You can apply for planning permission for home improvement projects online here. 

Should my installer be a member of anything (trade body, government registration scheme, etc?)

Installing triple glazing can be a difficult job, even more so than lighter alternatives like double glazing. You’ll want to ensure your installer knows what they are doing and that your installation will be of a very high quality.

When searching for a supplier, look out for the Trade Associations trademarks on installers’ websites, for example:

Why should I get triple glazing quotes from this website?

Before hiring any tradesperson to carry out your home improvements, it is always important to shop around. Collecting a variety of quotes from different local tradesmen means you will be able to find the most suitable installer for you for the very best price.

With Tradesmen Prices, you can rest assured that we will find the most suitable triple glazing specialists in your local area for you. Simply fill in your details above and we will carry out the search for you, sending you quotes for the top three or four installers in your area – meaning you can shop around without the hassle.

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